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khoas set up guide

Everything You Need To Know To Set The Bot Up

Step One

Add the bot to your Discord


Step Two

Use the /servers add command in your discord and provide your Server API ID (see attached image for reference)

server [ API ID ]

Step Three

(optional) Add the name: icon-url: and colour:
to customize the appearance of the killfeed
 = server name
icon-url = image / logo url link
colour = Hex code for embed colour #00FF1A

embed example

Step Four

If successful the bot will return a embed with information about the server you have connected

serverinfo example
server info

Click Yes at the bottom of the embed if this is the correct server


Step Five

Use command /cftools-webhook & Follow the instructions given to configure your CFtools webhook & secret

Step Six

After successful set up simply open a support ticket and provide your discord guild id for all features to be activated


Step Seven

Now your all set up you can add all your killfeed channels In your discord use the /create commands to configure your admin and player killfeed channels

channels example
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